Chipped teeth

Teeth Contouring – how is it different from bonding?

Sometimes we notice little quirks about our smiles and wonder what a tweak here or there might do to its overall appearance. If this thought crosses your mind, teeth contouring may be a good option for you. Teeth contouring or reshaping can be combined with bonding to span unwanted gaps while contouring alone can improve crowding, sharp edges, long incisors, chipped teeth, you name it…

Teeth contouring can often be done in a single appointment and is one of the most cost-effective cosmetic dentistry options to improve the appearance of your smile. Not to mention, the procedures are often pain free!

The steps taken to contour include X-rays of your teeth, trimming uneven areas, ensuring proper bite, smoothing and polishing.

If you’re looking to make a small change to one tooth, or to modify the overall appearance of those pearly whites, ask Dr. G for his thoughts during your next appointment, or schedule a quick consultation anytime by calling 801-495-3567.

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