Our Smiles For Life Campaign Helps Children’s Charities

MARCH THRU JUNE our practice is raising donations for children’s charities through the Smiles For Life program. We’re honored and excited to participate in such a worthy cause! 100 percent of the donations we raise go to the Smiles For Life Foundation to benefit children in need, with 50 percent benefiting a local charity of our choice-helping kids in OUR community.

This year we are excited to announce that Falling Creek Dental has teamed up with the Utah Foster Care Foundation. In Utah, there are around 2,900 children in foster care at any given time and some 1,300 licensed foster/adoptive families. Several years ago, Dr. G. and his wife Lindsay made the decision to become foster/adoptive parents.  Utah Foster Care provided the education and support needed to guide them as they navigated what could be a complicated system. Utah Foster Care works together with families to provide on-going training to ensure that children from hard places can be received into a nurturing foster home. 

Click here to learn more about becoming a foster/adoptive parent in Utah

Here’s How Smiles For Life Works:

Click Here To Learn More About Smiles For Life

Make Your Contribution Today

It’s easy for you to be a part of it!

  1. Making a whitening appointment with us today.
  2. Spread the word! Whether you choose to have your own smile whitened or not, you can make a HUGE difference by simply sharing this opportunity on your social media accounts, such as Facebook!If you’d like to join us in this fantastic campaign, give us a call today!

Thanks for helping us support this great cause!

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