Membership Discount Plan

Falling Creek Dental
Membership Discount Plan!

To give patients without insurance the same discounted dental prices that patient’s with
insurance get. We are willing to give such discounted prices only to those who will commit to
regular 6 month cleanings. The price of this membership plan is set to cover the cost of
preventative items such as exams, x-rays and cleanings.

Plan Benefits:

Exams, X-rays, and cleanings (Every 6 months) No Charge
Other Procedures 30% Discount


Membership Plan Rates: Monthly Yearly
1 Member $26 Or $305
2 Members (Couple) $47 Or $565
Additional family members under 18 $16.25 Or $195
Additional family members over 18 $22 Or $260

Terms/Limitations:There is no yearly maximum and no waiting period on anything.

  • $52 one time setup fee (to motivate you to stay on the plan)
  • Month to month rates are available with the addition of a $4 monthly processing fee.
  • This is a yearly contract that will automatically renew (unless we are notified by you).
  • We will release you from the contract in 6 month intervals if you are not satisfied, if you obtain other insurance, or if you move out of the area.
  • Your Co-pays are due at time of service in order to receive the 30% discount.
  • You are still eligible for financing through Care Credit (0% interest for 12 months) on any amount over $300 including yearly membership rates.
  • Discount prices are available only for work performed in our office.  Work performed by our referral partners an/or performed in hospitals receive no membership discount.
  • Family plans only cover dependents younger than 21 yrs of age.
  • Coverage must be continuous.  Any unused benefits of your membership will not transfer to the following year.  Rates subject to change yearly with inflation.

Comparison of Usual Fees,
Membership Fees and Typical Insurance Fees:

Dental Procedure Usual Fee Membership Discount Plan Fee
Comprehensive Exam $71 $0
Cleaning $74 $0
Filling (One surface posterior) $141 $99 (no deductible, maximum, or waiting period)
Crown (All Ceramic) $1020 $714(no deductible, maximum, or waiting period)
Root Canal (molar) $927 $650 (no deductible, maximum, or waiting period)
Extraction (Simple) $134 $94 (no deductible, maximum, or waiting period)

Typical Charges at First Visit & Subsequent 6 Month Visit:

First Visit W/Out Plan With Plan
Comprehensive Exam $71 $0
Panoramic X-ray $90 $0
Four Bitewing X-rays with 2 Periapical X-rays $93 $0
Prophylaxis (cleaning) $74 $0
Subsequent 6 Month Visit W/Out Plan With Plan
Periodic Exam $48 $0
Four Bitewing X-ray w/ 2 PA’s $93 $0
Prophylaxis (Cleaning) $74 $0

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