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Commonly asked questions about dental implants

How long does it take to get an implant?

  • It depends on each individual, but usually takes 3-6 months. Here is a general, high-level overview of an implant process:
    • After tooth extraction, a post is placed into the gum area
    • For an implant to be stable, dentists allow 3-6 months for a patient’s gum to heal – bone will grow around the post at this time
      • A device called a “flipper” will be used while the bone (reinforcement) is growing around the post – it is essentially a short term retainer with a temporary tooth adhered
    • An impression of your mouth will be taken a few weeks prior to the final placement of your implant
      • The impression is sent to a lab, which creates the permanent tooth
      • The patient will likely visit the lab to ensure coloring of the new tooth matches the surrounding teeth, for a natural look
    • A few weeks after the impression is taken and sent to the lab, the implant will be ready for permanent placement – which generally takes about 30 minutes at your dentist’s office


What’s the recovery like?

Most of the time, a patient may return to their regular daily activities within 1-2 days of extraction. After the final implant has been placed, the patient can resume daily activities immediately.


How strong is an implant? Can I use it as I would my regular teeth?

An implant is very strong, stable, and is as reliable as a regular tooth. Get ready to bite into a red delicious apple again, soon!


To schedule a consultation for a dental implant, please call 801-495-3567 or stop in for a tour of our offices and to meet our caring staff!

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